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Gatsby to Astro

──── 8 mins

Why and how I migrated this website from Gatsby to Astro.


logo for contentful Svelte Tutorial

──── 6 mins

Your Svelte 101 tutorial, looking at components, props, stores, etc.

logo for contentful GraphQL vs REST

──── 5 mins

Exploring the 2 main ways of interacting with APIs today.

logo for contentful What is Astro?

──── 8 mins

An overview of the Astro framework, compatible with Astro v3.

L&D budgets for web people

──── 2 mins

Some of us are lucky enough to work for companies that offer an “education stipend” as a benefit. Here are some tips to make the most of it.


logo for smashing Command-Line Data Manipulation

──── 12 mins

Manipulating data with Miller for Smashing magazine. Huge honor, I've been a reader for ever.

My first 6 months as a Developer Advocate

──── 6 mins

I’ve been a developer advocate full-time at Contentful for 6 months. I feel extremely fortunate. I love this job so much. There’s an unsaid tradition to write a blog post when you cross the 6-month milestone, so here we go.

How I became a developer advocate

──── 5 mins

When I meet developers, “How did you become a developer advocate?” is the question that I get asked the most. This is the long answer.


──── 5 mins

My past layoff, what I wish I knew, and some tips if you've been laid off too.

Learning to code in time of crisis

──── 5 mins

Whether you’ve been laid off, struggling to make ends meet with the crazy inflation or dissatisfied with your current job, you may have wondered: Could I work in tech?


Things I don’t know

──── 3 mins

Here are the (coding-related) things I don't know, as of 2021. In an effort to help junior developers feel more comfortable.

Why I love Audio Drama

──── 5 mins

Delving into audio dramas, one of my best discoveries from 2019. Includes my favourites


Nifty command lines: host

──── 2 mins

Domain records made less weird. Plus GitHub and Gitlab domain settings.

Nifty command lines

──── 2 mins

In this series of articles, I'll share a few command-line tools that have been helpful to me.


2019 in Review

──── 5 mins

Another year in review. It's been a unique year in many respects.

2018 in Review

──── 7 mins

I write this review well into 2019 already, but who cares? This is mainly for myself, but I enjoy reading these and you probably do too.


Weak References in JavaScript

──── 2 mins

Looking at Weak and Strong references in JavaScript. It's a concept front-end developers are not used to.