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This is everything that I use to help me with my digital and work life. Most apps are available cross-platform.

Computer setup

  • Pre-touchbar Macbook Pro (See how it’s setup here)
  • Logitech MX Master mouse.
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard with Cmd(⌘) and Ctrl(^) keys swapped.
  • Sony WH-XB900N Headphones.


Rocket for easy emojis 🚀💃💅. It’s effectively a key logger though, so I disable it when typing sensitive info like passwords or passport numbers.

Kap for quick screen recording (macOS only). It’s super handy to show something to your colleagues. It exports to Webm, it’s free, open-source, and looks good. What a time to be alive.

Todoist for, well, to-dos. It’s my personal calendar until ProtonCalendar sorts itself out.


Get a password manager and never reuse passwords. It’s the best and easiest way to improve your online security.

My choice is 1Password. I heard great things about Bitwarden.

ProtonVPN to secure my Internet connection and prevent IP and DNS tracking.

Signal replaces WhatsApp and Messenger for talking to people around the world. Friends don’t let friends chat unencrypted.

Facebook Container Firefox extension 🦊. It (tries to) stop Facebook from tracking you across the web.

uBlock Origin Free, open-source extension that blocks ads and analytics trackers.

Notes, drafts and writing

Notion for a lot of things. Notion is basically a CMS for this site, it tracks my goals and subscriptions, and much more.

Simplenote for random notes, daily to-do lists, book notes, or when the Notion app is too slow. Sleek, intuitive interface. Super-fast cross-platform sync. Amazing native apps for Android, iOS and macOS.

Typora to write Markdown offline. Useful when I need to draft an email or an article.


Rectangle for window management (macOS only). I mostly use these 3 handy shortcuts:

  • ctrl+alt+left will resize it to fill the left half size of your screen, ditto for the right size with ctr+alt+right.
  • ctrl+alt+enter will expand the window to the maximum size. It’s like double-clicking on menu bar except it works for non-native apps (I’m looking at you, Slack).

Dark Reader Browser extension that gives every webpage a “dark mode.”

QLVideo Allows macOS to show thumbnails for file formats like Webm and MKV. Install it with brew cask install qlvideo.

Color Picker I use this trick to turn the hidden macOS color picker into its own app.

🧑‍💻 Heads-up

It gets geeky from this point on. You may want to read my articles instead.

If not, keep scrolling fellow techie.


Using the 🐠Fish shell🐠 with:

📦 Oh My Fish as the package manager.

🤓 n for managing and switching between node versions. Install it using brew install n.

🎨 Tomorrow night bright as the colour scheme.

💤 z for fuzzy navigation to recent directories. Install it using omf install z.


Believe it or not, I’m just using the default macOS terminal. The Fish shell does everything.

iTerm2 is what people seem to be happy with on macOS. It is now on version 3 though ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Code Editor

Atom is so slow and unmaintained now that I find myself using VSCode all the time.

Look and feel

  • My font is Victor Mono. It’s free, has fancy cursive italics and programming ligatures.
  • I use Seti as the icon theme.


These extensions are my bare minimum. Whenever I start writing code on a new computer, they get installed.

  • Prettier formats my code for me.
  • Formatting Toggle lets me disable formatters. How is this not built-in?
  • JavaScript Snippets helps me write code quicker.
  • Bracket Pair Colorizer helps me make sense of nested code.
  • Spell right enables spell checking.
  • Atom Keymap keeps my favourite shortcuts from the Sublime era.
  • Live Server Preview makes me not miss the p5.js editor.
  • Insert Date String makes it easy to insert dates for blog posts and other stuff.
  • select-quotes Alt + Q to select anything within quotes.
  • Import cost shows how big my dependencies are.
  • Change Case. Note to self: You don’t need an extension. VSCode can change the text case to lowercase, uppercase, title case and snake case natively.
    1. Open the command palette
    2. Type “Transform” to see the list or “lower”, “upper”, “title” or “snake”.