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About me

Hey, I’m Alvin Bryan, I’m a developer advocate and front-end developer/engineer. A few tidbits about me:

  • I worked for a fully remote company before most people did.
  • My favourite TV show is Billions, especially season 2 to 4. It’s on Paramount+.
  • I love music, physiology, climbing, travelling, coding, listening to podcasts, audio drama, and learning things on the Internet.
  • You can learn more on my “now” and “uses” pages.

Brief bio

I’m a developer advocate at Unleash, previously at Contentful.

Before that, I had a adventurous coding career working for Dow Jones/The Wall Street Journal, InVision, and others where I made design systems, charts, editorial tools, maps and 2D games.

I’m very UX-driven, happiest when collaborating with designers and making beautiful experiences.

I have years of experience helping people install Sourcetree.

A friendly reminder that the views expressed here are just my own and don’t represent any of my current or former employers.


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