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Hi! I’m Alvin Bryan, I make web products and games. My current focus is on Design Systems and Charts.

My favourite projects involve maps, data visualisations, 2D and 3D graphics. As part of my day jobs I’ve also worked on editorial tools and award-winning games.

I’m very UX-driven, happiest when collaborating with designers, pushing boundaries together as a team.

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About this website

I plan to create content about what I read, work on, and learn, using writing as a means to expand my knowledge, and yours.

This site is built using open-source and public-domain resources:



  • Body text is set in Crimson Pro by Sebastian Kosch & Jacques Le Bailly.
  • Titles are set in Hepta Slab by Mike LaGattuta.
  • Subheadings are set in Public Sans, developed by multiple designers for the US Web Design System.

A friendly reminder that the views expressed here are just my own and do not represent any of my current or former employers.