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2019 in Review

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Another year in review. It’s been a unique year in many respects. There were many changes, new adventures, and unexpected discoveries.


It’s been a roller-coaster for me and others whose lives have been uprooted or greatly influenced by Brexit. It was all very different when I left for Canada. Back then, a potentially no-deal-inducing deadline was coming: March 31. Then it didn’t work, we got 15 extra days to 14 April, then, finally another year of respite.

Today, sadly, Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister, the withdrawal argument was signed. The UK is entering the transition period to exit in January 2021.

The only certainty is that a Norway-style Brexit won’t happen. Otherwise, it’s as up-in-the-air as it’s ever been. We’ll keep waiting, with our futures in the balance.

Lived in Canada

There is a lot to this. It’s still too early to paint a good picture of it. I’m still crystallising my thoughts on this subject.

Discovered Radio Drama

Dedicated blog post coming one day. They’re amazing.

Goal tracking

Thanks to a wonderful episode of Syntax.fm I started tracking goals and setting monthly targets for myself. My partner also adopted it.

This gradually evolved into a solidified set of principles that I apply to a lot of things. It really helped me with various aspects of my life.

Best of 2019

🎥 Cinema

Avengers: Endgame: We saw it on release day and got a giant pizza. I’ve never seen a multiplex cinema so packed. During the film everyone cheered, clapped, celebrated, cried, all of it. Best audience experience in my entire life.

Blinded by the light: As timely as it could be, and very well done. Some poignant and powerful cinematic shots that will stay with me for a long time.

Song of the sea: Just stunning. As a bonus you’ll know how to pronounce Saoirse after watching it.

How to Train Your Dragon 3: Interestingly, I thought this movie came out in 2018, it feels like a long time ago now. Let me say that the How to Train your Dragon franchise is one of my favourites. These were the animated films that made me feel the strongest emotions in the past few years. I would take a Dragon’s film over a Pixar if given the choice.

Loving Vincent: It’s incredible, every frame is hand-painted! Watching it doesn’t feel as weird as the trailer because a lot of scenes are black-and-white, which is easier on your eyes.


Smith & Thell — A mix of The Civil War, Of Monsters Men and The Lumineers.

🎙️ Podcast

Sam Harris #147 — Stephen Fry: Listen here.

Sam Harris #163 — Ricky Gervais: Listen here.

Syntax.fm #67 — Goal Setting: Listen here.

Podcraft — The 10 Commandments of Podcasting: Listen here.


Update 2020: It now pains me to read these, so I’ve removed them.

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