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Record a video call for in-call playback

This looks like a silly snippet, but hear me out. You teach an instrument, and want to comment a student on how they did something specific during a performance that just happened. In Zoom, you have to wait for the call to complete for the video file to be available.

Here’s a cheap and cheerful way to do it:

  1. Change your speaker in Zoom to your computer’s speaker (Macbook Pro Speaker)
  2. Does the other person’s sound should come out of your speakers now, not headphones
  3. Open Quicktime
  4. Quicktime -> New Screen Recording
  5. Select your computer’s microphone as the input
  6. Stop speaking
  7. Start recording
  8. Stop the recording when it’s done
  9. Update your zoom setup so it uses your headphones again.
  10. To present the recording back, share your screen with sound