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Now (October 2020 edition)

This a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers. Last updated on October 29, 2020

I’m fine and feeling incredibly grateful for it.

Given the circumstances, moving out of Canada went as well as it could, logistically. Psychologically, it’s a different story.

I’m getting into a rhythm at the new job, taking this opportunity to re-connect with Data Visualisation as a community and practice.

Personal Website

It was a slog at times, but I learnt a lot along the way. I’m happy and It feels very “me” now. I’m currently publishing new content monthly.

The stats of the launch day went beyond my expectations, all thanks to Josh Comeau for promoting it. The most significant aspect was the response: People were impressed and genuinely liked it. The number of email list subscribers are downright laughable, but I’m OK with that. (You can still join 😇.)

It’s even part of the Whimsical Website Club now. The ideas of the club were exactly what I wanted for the site. Fun, functional, fast, independent, personal. Achievement unlocked.

They were other releases on the same day from much more famous people. I’m proud that this site could stand on its own.

Remote work is finally mainstream. Stories keep popping up, each one of them making me feel hopeful.

  • Pinterest paid $90m to pull out of a lease in San Francisco.
  • Google stopped bidding for a new Dublin office. That’s great because the Irish tech sector badly needs to decentralise and the capital needs an overhaul.
  • Microsoft now has a permanent work-from-home policy for 50% of the time. Managers can allow full-time remote work upon request.

Small businesses have adopted deliveries and it’s fantastic. Now they can operate without their local constraints. It gives the owners a direct-to-consumer relationship with spread-out clients they didn’t have before.


It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m okay, I’m alright again — Maggie Rogers, On + Off

I’m trying to spend less time doomscrolling, and getting better at it. It’s hard when our leaders seem just committed to making everything worse in the worst possible way.

I miss my local library. I miss Canada.

I’m one of the somewhat-global expats who felt at home in many places. I found that focusing my time globally is a great way to cope with this life devoid of travel and in-person interactions.

Despite the distance, I feel that my connections with my friends around the world grow stronger. I miss them more than ever, and as a result, cherish the little (virtual) time that we spend together.

Time is a funny thing in 2020. Some weeks appear to stretch longer than ever. Every day is a Tuesday, then decades happen in weeks, then nothing. By contrast, fleeting, simple moments like an evening stroll or a good song seem more vibrant. Moments that resonate, ripple in a new way.

Stay safe,