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The Devil Inside and Out by Ed Brubaker: Review/summary
Book cover for The Devil Inside and Out

The Devil Inside and Out

By Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark, et al.

Length: 304 pages

Rating: 9/10

First Published: 2012

Get it: UK 🇬🇧 | US 🇺🇸

Last read: 2018

Matt Murdoch ends up in prison. This fact alone is as enjoyable you might think, but that’s not all. He has to grapple with a lot of issues of moral and faith which makes this comic as thoughtful as it is enjoyable.


It’s not just any random prison that he gets put in. Many famous Daredevil villains and protagonists end up appearing at one point. There’s a lot about prisons in general. Many elements remind me of Prison Break, like how the guards behave or how hard it is for him to avoid trouble.

Matt’s psychology and faith are explored as he goes through solitary confinements. This was super interesting.

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