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Sounds Like Me Audiobook by Sara Bareilles: Review/summary
Book cover for Sounds Like Me

Sounds Like Me

By Sara Bareilles

Length: 208 pages

Rating: 10/10

First Published: 2015

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Last read: 2019

The audiobook lets you hear Sara narrate her life with her fantastic voice. I loved the audio version because each chapter begins with her singing the song it’s named after, a cappella.

It’s absolutely beautiful, a delight for the ears.

Sara is one of my favourite musicians and the book is a straight 10/10. The memoir is relatable, funny and humble. An audio version makes the emotional connection even stronger. And the songs are just a brilliant bonus.

The book is in character. If you watch any interview of Sara you’ll see the same traits come out. Funny, light, genuine, humble, and always up for a laugh.


Sara’s writing is some of the best I’ve ever read. She writes in a direct but friendly tone, full of analogies and similes, and never rambles. Her personality shines through.

So, she’s an excellent musician and an excellent writer? It’s tempting to see that as unfair. But she will be the first to tell you how hard writing the book was. She wanted to give up, and give back the money. Luckily for us, she kept going. In her own words: “a labor of avoidance, then hate, then love.”

It was easier to write a musical than this set of eight essays.

By the way, the “musical” she mentions is Waitress. It’s a phenomenal success in both New York and London and the longest-running show at the Brooks-Atkinson Theatre on Broadway.

Sounds Like Me is a deeply personal memoir. Somewhat, it really feels like seeing the world through her eyes.

There’s a lot of the human condition there. Her parent’s divorce when she was 12, a childhood in rural California and the summers she spent playing in nature, her first encounters with love, then heartbreak, the life of a touring artist, and much more.

Anyone who’s a fan will love the book. Anyone who likes good audio experiences will love the audiobook.

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