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Palookaville #23 by Seth: Review/summary
Book cover for Palookaville #23

Palookaville #23

By Seth

Length: 144 pages

Rating: 9.5/10

First Published: 2017

Get it: UK 🇬🇧 | US 🇺🇸

Last read: 2020

One of the perks of living in Montreal is that I got to delve into comics by local publisher Drawn and Quarterly.

I loved this one. The narration is poetic and personal, and the neat 5x4 grids are visually pleasing.

It contains 3 different sections, each easy to read without prior knowledge (I have none).

  • The first is a story that’s part the author’s memoir.
  • Then, a series of drawings from an exhibition of Seth’s work.
  • The third story is the final instalment in the Clyde Fans comic. It got an Eisner award and was the the first graphic novel nominated for the Canadian Giller Prize.

A storefront

I realise that I’m really into this art style too. I like the mix of simplicity and realism, and the fat, well-defined lines.

After reading this, you might want to cut all ties and move to rural Ontario. You’ve been warned.

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