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Core HTML5 Canvas by David M. Geary: Review/summary
Book cover for Core HTML5 Canvas

Core HTML5 Canvas

By David M. Geary

Length: 720 pages

Rating: 6/10

First Published: 2011

Last read: 2014

The only “reference-type” book I ever bought. It’s enormous. 720 pages of premium, coloured paper. Because of this premium, it’s expensive. I kind of feel bad knowing that so much paper was used to be honest.

It’s beautifully designed. There are lots of diagrams and visual metaphors. Kudos to whoever worked on the design.

However, even if it’s a reference book, it didn’t need to be that big. There’s a whole chapter on 2D collision detection, which I appreciated, but has nothing to do with Canvas. There’s another chapter on iOS5, which by definition was always going to become obsolete.

So, it’s a great book, well-written with a great design, but its shortcomings should have been caught in the editing phase. The price is hard to justify.

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